Monday, May 11, 2015


The next stop was Wellington, and we had nothing to do that day, so we thought we would go into town and look around. We got off the ship and it was raining out and cold. We asked how far the town was from the cruise ship on foot. The guy who was working there said, "You can get on a bus for $10 a person, and you'll be there in about 10 minutes. It's about a half-hour walk at least." My friend and I looked at each other and we said, "Let's walk." We didn't want to pay $10 a person for a 10 minute ride! The guy didn't agree with our decision to walk because it was raining out and they get large puddles of water. So we said we'd take our chances.

A sculpture that looks like M&Ms

It was a good walk. It wasn't as far as it seemed. We found a McDonald's, so we went in to get drinks, and we saw if we could get onto the Wi-Fi because I brought my iPad for the both of us to use on the cruise. But we couldn't get on the Wi-Fi at McDonald's, so we thought we would walk around and see where else we could get Wi-Fi. We walked for a bit in downtown Wellington, and it reminded me of London even though I've never been there. I saw some old movies that took place in London, and they had the roads there, and all the cars, and the buses had two levels, so it was really neat to see that. So we finally got to a Starbucks and we sat outside under the umbrella, and I Face-timed with my mom, my dad, and my two nieces, and that was fun to see them. I told them all about what I did so far. After that, we walked around a bit more, and took pictures, and then we walked to the ship, and I thought if the weather stayed like this, I would need another sweater because I only brought one, and it's not a heavy sweater.