Monday, March 28, 2011


Earlier in this blog I wrote “Keeping Fit” about how I was going to try out a fitness class that already fit in my schedule and was included in my YMCA membership. I decided on Y-Bo.

Y-Bo is a fun mix of kicking and punching movements. Minimal choreography makes this accessible to all. Y-Bo Plus adds a variety of equipment designed to build muscular strength and endurance.”

Y-Bo for me is a lot of kicking and punching. After the 75-minute class, my body is killed. I use a lot of muscles that aren't normally worked. During the class, I take a lot of water breaks. I've only been three times so far because it's on Wednesday mornings. The second class had a different instructor and she chose to do Zumba with us that day. It was a lot of dancing using your arms and legs and moving around a lot! It felt like you had to be up on your feet, keeping your hands and feet active all the time. I find the kickboxing classes easier because the focus is usually on arms or legs and it's easier for me to personalize. I liked Zumba and am glad I had the chance to try it in class but it isn't for me.

I knew from the description that we were going to use equipment and I've watched parts of the class but was scared about how I was going to use the equipment and if I even could. It had been a long time since I did any fitness like this and I wondered if I could keep up. Using equipment in the class turned out to be fun and exciting! I tried something new and learned some new techniques. If you don't want to use the equipment, you don't have to do it as the instructor demonstrates. I'm not the only person who chooses not to use certain pieces of equipment, and it's everyone's choice how they want to work out. The instructors tell us to work out how you want to and I am trying more moves than I would have thought of. They also offer different options on how intense you want to be that day.

Before I tried this class I thought it wouldn't be as fun as working out on my own. When I work out on my own I can go as fast or as slow as I want. Working out in a group is difficult because I see everyone else doing the same thing and part of me wants to do it too. But I know what I'm doing is fine for me and we don't all have to do same thing. The class motivates me to keep going because I want to try new things and I really enjoy Y-Bo. When I'm in the class I keep active with the group even though most of us are probably dying a little.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Hi everybody! Sorry that it's bee a while. I got back from Hawaii and week ago and I honestly can say that I loved it! I fell in love, it was wonderful not to have to wear coats or pants or shoes or socks! It was nice go around and see cultures around the island and how they live. I spent a lot of my time hanging around the pool and beach. It was divine! I went out on a fishing boat to watch my friend scuba dive, it was the morning that I had to wake up at 6am. On my holiday! How fun is that? Tell me if there's anyone who wakes up early on their holiday.

We went on a dinner cruise one night to watch the sunset and saw five whales. We also drove half an hour to a different town for another whale watching trip. I enjoyed this one more because we were on a banana boat and you could sit down and still see everything around you. The dinner cruise boat was a fishing boat and you could only see a little bit. We went back into the same town where we had our great whale watching trip to shop for souvenirs. I picked up things for my nieces, nephews, and myself.

I'm thinking of going back to Hawaii again in a couple of years. On my next trip I want to try zip lining and swimming with the dolphins. And stay for three weeks instead of two! Well, that's all. I'll be posting another entry in two weeks, maybe on my fitness class.