Thursday, May 14, 2015


We had two days in Melbourne. The first day, we had an excursion. We went on a train ride and then we went to a park and we fed the birds. After the excursion, we went back to the ship and in the terminal, they had a little store. So I bought another sweater. The next day, we went for a walk around town to see what was near the ship. The weather was getting a little better, but it wasn't warm out. We saw if we could get any Wi-Fi so I FaceTimed my mom and dad. We went to a store where my roommate could get Coca-Colas for the ship. Then we went back and then I bought T-shirts at the store where I bought my sweater.

The train ride

Melbourne is a city that is wheelchair-friendly. When we went on the train ride, my roommate and her brother helped me get into the train car, so that wasn't wheelchair-friendly. When we were on the ride to the next stop, when I looked outside, it looked like Hawaii with the tall trees. We saw a lot of people sitting on the side with their feet out of the train window.