Thursday, May 14, 2015


In Suva, we went on an excursion for the whole day. It was a boat ride, and then we went to a waterfall but you had to walk. A guy who was taking us on the boat, he carried me a part of the way, but I couldn't get up to the waterfall because it was so hot out and I was too heavy, and they don't wear shoes in Fiji, so it was hard for the guy. There was a place where I could sit and everybody else went up to the waterfall and they could swim in it. We got back to the boat and went back to have lunch. Before we had lunch, they had a ceremony to welcome us into their homes, and we had Kava. When I had Kava, oh my god, it was the worst drink I ever had. And then we had lunch and then they had a little market outside. We went back to the ship after that.

The longboat ride

The ceremony