Thursday, May 14, 2015


Noumea was a city that we had to take a bus to, but when we tried to get on the bus, the driver said, “You wait for an accessible bus.” They didn’t speak English, so when we told them that I can walk a little bit with help, they told us that the other bus would be 5 minutes.

Waiting for an accessible bus

In the town where another ship docked, there was a big crowd there to go on an excursion and you can go in there and get Wi-Fi. So we went in there and got Wi-Fi, and then after that, we went walking around and we went into a store and there was everything there. And then we went out, we wanted to go to a beach, but we looked at a map, but we didn’t want to go too far and then get back, so there were two little Australian ladies who were on our cruise and they tried to ask people where you can go and buy souvenirs. So we decided to follow them and see what they took us to; it was a little mall, but with nothing there at all. So we went back to the ship, and hung out at the pool.