Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 I started using the Handi-bus when I moved to Calgary in 2000. There was a Handi-bus in Aidrie and I used it when I was growing up. Now I take Handi-bus 5 days a week. Mondays and Wednesdays are vocational trips where I’m supposed by an organization and work trips on my own Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Sometimes I use them on the weekend if I go out with friends. Handi-bus is a big part of my life and I rely on it to get around Calgary. My wheelchair is a power chair and only fits in accessible vehicles. I can go from point A to point B but they’re not a good service. Handi-bus gives me a 20 minute window of time when they will pick me up and I need to be ready for that but they can also run late.

One of my worst experiences was when I worked downtown at Coles Book Store and it was time for me go home. Coles is upstairs and I needed to wait downstairs. I went to wait for the bus but they never showed up in the window of time. So I went back to get someone to call for me. They called for me to see where they are and Handi-bus said they were running late and will be there in next 15min. But they didn’t get there. After calling them a few times, it was closing time and there weren’t many people left in the mall. I saw a van cab and thought “finally they’re here!” but he was there for someone else and couldn’t find him or her. I asked him if he could please take me home. It was around 7 and I was done work at 5. All I wanted was to go home and he agreed. I want to thank him because if he hadn’t come, I don’t know what I would have done. And then I was in a bad situation with a Handi-bus driver. Before that happened I thought I was safe on the bus but now I am cautious with anybody who comes into my life.

Sometime I wish I had an accessible van so I don't have to use Handi-bus anymore but that is not the case.

Monday, May 14, 2012

In the money!

After moving out of the group home, I was paying less each month for rent. So I had more money to buy stuff! I decided that I wanted to give something special to my mom and she gave me a hint of what she needed. So I wanted to buy an iPod for her as a Mother’s Day gift. I asked my sisters if they wanted to go in with me but they already had something for Mother’s Day. So I went and bought it for her on my own! In the past, I see my sisters buying gifts for my parents and they ask me if I want to go in with them to split the cost. I paid them how much I can but it’s hard. I felt like I couldn’t give back to my parents when they provided for me for years. It is hard to live with a disability and get AISH. But now with the increase to AISH and working, I have the money to buy more stuff for my life and things for my family!   

Hi blog readers

I am here thinking about my next blog that I want to write but there is nothing coming to my mind. I don't know what to talk about next I always talk about what’s going on with me and my disability. My disability, it is a big part in my life and what I have achieved in my life at age 30. It has not stopped me from what I want with my life and nobody tells me ‘No’ I always show my family and friends.

I don't know what way I want to take this blog. But I know now that it is my choice, not anyone else’s.

People need to know that my life is my life and no one can tell me what I need to do. For example, don’t tell me to talk to people that I don’t know well. To get to know people I have to talk with them but I am wary of who I talk to and am friends with. Something happened to me couple of years ago and now I am careful of people. I don't understand friends sometime! If people want to be my friend that will be awesome. But don't feel like my disability gets in the way to talk to me. You need to get to know me and understand the way I talk and if you hang around me you’ll get there! And also if you still have a hard time understanding me I will try to put in another way for you.

I learned something about friends; it’s not a good friendship if they want to tell you what to do. And if they make you doubt yourself, they are not friends that you need in your life. I know because it happened to me and I realized he wasn’t a good friend to me. After 10 years of friendship I decided to end it. It was hard at first but now I know I made the right choice to end the friendship.

If you have a good friend, it doesn’t matter if they have a disability or not, be their friend. And if they want your opinion, you can give it but it is your friend’s choice, not yours. Be there for whenever they need a friend.