Monday, June 13, 2011


Two weeks ago, Adria and I started to go downtown to the YMCA Eau Claire. It's a change and I am getting used to it. I moved from the NW into the SW and the downtown YMCA is closer to me than the Crowfoot YMCA. In the future I hope to go to Westside Recreation Center but I had to apply for the fee assistance program. I already have it at the YMCA so it makes sense to keep going until I'm approved for Westside. So we're downtown for now!

No more Y-Bo for me and that 's a little sucky. I liked Y-Bo and it was fun. Last Wednesday and today I couldn't work out because the elevator was broken. Today we asked about it and they explained that it was fixed but three hours later it broke again. And hadn't been very reliable over the past few days. In my opinion, there should be an YMCA with everything on one floor. It would be so much easier and more convenient for people in wheelchairs who want to work out! Or people using walkers or moms with strollers. Why don't they have one like that? Does anyone know of one? Because not being able to work out when I want to? It sucks.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Life

Okay I know what I want out of my life. I am ready to go ahead in my life, I can't sit around and wait for something to come to me any more. I want more out of my life, I know I have to go after what I want. Maybe I was a little scared to publish my book because I think it's not very good. It's only my whole life story written down on paper. But it is time to go ahead and see if I can publish my book and see what happens. I let things slide or I will let them go and that's my fault, no one else's. It is my life. So now I am taking charge of my life, this it what I want now. I am going to see if I can publish my book and if can't get it published I will find another way. I would love to go around to school, talking to kids about having a disability like mine Cerebral Palsy. I will start working on my magazine Wheels About again and get it up and running. I love working at E-Debit Global and I will stay there for now, I am there for three days a week. So on Monday and Wednesday I am working on my book and then on Wheels About. I already emailed some publishers to set up a meeting to talk about which way I should go with my book. I have a meeting with a publisher next Wednesday about if she can help to publish my book or can put me on the right track to publish it. If not I will keep on emailing publishers to find someone who wants to publish my book. But I know now I want to publish it, it's not about the money. It's all about getting my story out there. I always go after what I want from my life and nothing will stop me going after what I want. I want this for myself to show people that I want something more for my life.

Monday, June 6, 2011


I have been working for 9 months now. That's scary for me because I thought they would let me go a couple of months after I started there. A couple of weeks ago they asked me if I wanted to do their website and do it on my own. And they said they will be there for me if I need help so I agreed to do the website. So now I am putting together a new layout for the website and I put together a couple of different mock-ups for the home page and sent them to my boss. She picked the one she liked. So I did a mock-up for the whole website and send it off to her today. Now I'm waiting to hear back. I am scared because this is a big job that I have not done before in my life. I hope I can do a good job.