Monday, May 11, 2015

Kayaking on Lake Rotoiti

Hi everybody,

How's it going? I am back from my cruise. It was awesome! I want to write ten posts about all the places I went and how I got around in a wheelchair because not all these places are wheelchair-friendly. For my last post, I want to write about if I would get the same treatment if I were a normal person. It will be very hard for me to write about this because I only know what I know as a person with a disability.

The first stop was in Tauranga, and we went kayaking on Lake Rotoiti, saw glowworms, had a picnic lunch, and went hot-tubbing.

Lake Rotoiti kayaking

After we went kayaking to see the glowworms, we went to a place upstream to have a picnic lunch and sit in the hot pool, but I did not go in the hot pool. My legs were tired so I walked up to the picnic table and had a sandwich and a muffin. I waited there for everybody, and then we kayaked back to the bus. We didn't have time after to go and walk around to see how accessible it was because the day was very packed. We left at 4pm.

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