Thursday, May 14, 2015


In Hobart, Australia, we went to the zoo to feed the kangaroos, it's hard to get around because it was all rock. We went there at nighttime so it was hard to see. But I went around to see everything, but they made us go back-and-forth to see the different animals, and it was a little hard because at the zoo, it's not paved. So I really liked it, but for me, I wouldn't go back-and-forth like that. There was a talking parrot, and I got to pet a koala bear too. At the end, there was a lady who was working there, and we told her that it was hard for me to feed the kangaroo because everyone who was there was trying to feed them and take pictures. So she told us that she would help me to feed one. So at the end of the tour, we went over to the kangaroos and she got one of them and I got to feed him, and it was pretty cool.

Feeding the kangaroos

The talking parrot

And in the daytime, I hung out in the room, but everybody had to get off the ship in the morning because we were in Australia, and everybody needed to get off and go through customs, but my roommate and her brother and sister had to go on an excursion in the morning, so I had to get off with them away inside the terminal, but I had a little problem, and it was my fault. My wheelchair wasn't charging on the ship, but I had the same problem when we got to New Zealand, and I plugged it in in the hotel, and it didn't charge. I ran into a lady who had a scooter and I asked her what kind of charger she had, and could I look at it. And she showed me what it was, and I asked her, "Can I use it for a couple of hours?" And she said, "Oh, of course! But I need it back when I go to bed." And I said, "Well then, I'll borrow it just for a couple of hours and I'll bring it to your room at night." And she said, "Okay, that'll be fine."

So I plugged it in and it charged. So I was waiting in the terminal to get back on the ship. It was 11:30am when we were finally allowed to get back on the ship. And we worked out at 8:30am, so it was a long morning, but I brought a book with me, and I saw my wheelchair going down because it didn’t have a really good charge. So when I got back in the room, I talked to myself, “Let’s try it again, and see what happens.” So I plugged it in and it charged! So I was so happy. So I left it plugged in and I told my roommate what happened, and she was happy too. So now, every stop that we made, we plugged my wheelchair in.

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