Monday, November 25, 2013

Speaking is different than writing!

Speaking is much different than writing because when someone has to speak to a group of people they might prefer death. Some others love talking and they do it for a living.

People who are pubic speakers can show us that they love talking to a group of people by the sounds in their voice. We can hear lots of different tones in a person’s voice. Some people are better at pubic speaking than others but we can learn to become more skilled at vocal communication. Talking about a subject that you are passionate about is fulfilling for people.

Writing is a tool that most of us have used from a young age to adulthood. People use this tool for their work in a variety of ways. They might have to write letters and create contact lists or take on bigger tasks, like proofreading and editing.

People can tell a story in their writing and show us how much they enjoy it by the words they use to explain things when they write a novel or a biography.

There are some people that can't handle sitting down to write because they find it a challenge to get started and to figure out what to say. Some writers get great ideas in the middle of the night and get up and start writing.

Writing can be a wonderful tool if you use a journal. It can help you sort out your thoughts and feelings and is one way to get out your frustrations.

If you are an excellent at writing and suck at pubic speaking, you can be a writer for someone else who is an excellent public speaker. If you are good at both and you enjoy writing and speaking, this is a bonus.

The ability to write well does not make someone a good speaker and a good speaker doesn’t have to be a great writer, but it helps.

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