Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Choosing a computer

When you are choosing a computer always ask yourself some questions before buying one!!  What do I need it for or how can I use it?  Choosing a computer for your personal or academic use can be easy or it can be difficult but I want to make it a bit easier.

You have the option to choose a desktop, laptop, an iPad, an iPad mini, and a tablet. There is a difference between a laptop and an iPad.  A laptop is portable but still you need to get it out and set it up like a desktop. An iPad and tablet are portable and you can use them anywhere, like walking to a meeting.  It is also easy to use them to check your email, go online and look up topics. 

You can download movies and music on an iPad or tablet, just like a desktop.  There are also different sizes of memory in these items. The choice you make on the size of memory depends on what you want to put on it. If you need to print anything off from the iPad or tablet you need an App Print Function.  Do some research online at the library or with a friend to see what device would be most suitable and consider how much money you want to invest for a computer.  

To get some answers before you buy a computer, it is a good idea to write down the questions that you want to ask before you go into the store and talk to someone.  Talk to a Sales Person where you are considering a purchase and you can ask all the questions that you want.  Some locations have more knowledgeable staff than others.

I purchased my first Mac computer for school; it was a Mac Book Pro. I went with my mom into the Apple store to talk to the Sales Person and we told him that I needed a computer for school.  The Sales Person showed me one that would work for me. There are Mac products and there are PC products to choose from but not always available at the same location.

I have used a computer for most of my life and since I have a disability that impairs my ability to communicate, I use a computer for everything involved in my work and my personal use. It is a lifeline to the outside world.  I also decided on buying an iPad to have something easy to use at home to check email and also for my personal use.

Computers can also be used to create a voice for someone who cannot speak.  I read about a young girl who has autism and at age thirteen she finally got to talk with her family.   Using a computer gave her a tool to communicate.  Now she has a new way to talk to her family and friends.   People of all ages and all diversities are becoming more familiar with computers and finding how they can open up a whole new world for them.  Sometimes it is just easier having one because our world is changing how we use devices like computers.  Learning what you can use a computer for helps you keep up with the changes.