Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Supports in our society for people in Canada with life challenges....

In Canada there are numerous provincial governments. Each of these provinces has different kinds of programs for people who have a disability. In Alberta, where I live, one program is called AISH.  AISH is a low monthly income for people who have a disability. It stands for Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH).

Right now (2014) we are able to make 800 per month as additional income.   If this increases, the government reduces our base amount from AISH.  In the past, people were able to make up to 400 for every month but having the option of making an extra 400 can open more opportunities.
Some Albertans with life challenges due to a disability may be unable to work or to find suitable employment and must rely on AISH alone.  It isn’t a great deal of money but it can make a difference.  

PDD funds programs and services to help adults with developmental disabilities all over Alberta.  It stands for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD). There are different programs out there that people use for supports.  It all depends on the person who has the challenge and what he or she wants/needs for their life. These programs can vary from province to province.  If the person doesn’t know what they want or need, it is important to find a program that will help them figure this out.

For example, I work with PASC.   This stands for Progressive Alternatives Society of Calgary.  I have support three days every week which help with my writing skills and enables me to discover ways to improve on a book about my life and getting it publish. PASC encourages me with everything that I want to do.  This includes getting out in the community and spending time exercising at the Recreation Center.  The people there also helped me with going back to school to get a diploma in Web Graphics Design. I finished the school program and was able to work for two years.  I have since decided to start my own business doing freelance websites and I also plan to take some writing courses.  Support can help anyone sort through what is available in their area of Canada. For me, I am focused on greater independence as I learn and grow in my life.