Monday, February 27, 2012


It’s been 9 months since I moved out of the group home and in with my good friend Laura. It does not feel like I am living there, it feels like I am staying with her for a while. All my stuff is over at her place but it still feels like I am living at the group home. But I love living with Laura! I got back my independence and I go out with friends whenever I want to go and whoever I want to go with. That is the best part! It feels like I am a normal girl who has her life back and it feels wonderful.

I have more money to do more stuff and buy more stuff. I have a Mac Book laptop; I got the laptop while I was still in school and still living at the group home. I also have an iPod that I use for music. I was looking at iPads because when I get home I have to take out and set up my laptop. I don’t always feel like taking it all out and setting it up because it’s with me everyday and I’m on it all day at work. I wanted the iPad to keep at home and use in the evenings and not need all the software that I use at work. A month ago I finally got an iPad! I love having an iPad because I don't have to take out my laptop and put it back in my wheelchair bag. I use my laptop for work and my web design stuff and sometimes I use my laptop for writing. During the day I use my iPod to listen to music and write blog entries. When I’m home I use my iPad for email, Facebook, and sometimes I watch shows on it. 

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