Friday, December 13, 2013

Obstacles to learning new skills – tips and supports to overcome my writing obstacles

Living with Cerebral Palsy all my life is not holding me back.  I am always learning new skills but it takes me more time than other people.   Writing blogs can help me in a couple of ways with my writing skills. I do research on the topics that I choose to write about when I’m blogging in order to stimulate my ideas.  I think knowledge about a topic is always helpful when you write.  Also, when I go online and do research on the topic, I can learn more about what the person is talking about in their writing and how they use their words to explain it.
When I get stuck I can also leave it alone and come back to it later when I am more motivated.  I have learned that taking a break can help me to focus better.
Building my confidence is important with my level of comfort with writing.  In order to brush up on technical abilities with words and grammar, I have decided to take a writing fundamentals course.  I would like to be able to edit and proof read my own work and feel confident with the end results.

I need to remember to read each word out loud to see if it makes sense when I am writing. I don't read every word out loud and sometime I don't read my work over. This means my work does not make sense to me when I do.  And so it isn’t going to make sense to the other people reading it.  I know now that I need to practice reading out loud.  This will help me do better with assignments.  It allows me to hear what I have said and fix my errors.
I want and need to keep working on my writing because I have a story to tell. The people I want to reach through my story are the people who have kids with life challenges.  And also, I want my story to help kids that have no idea about people who have life challenges.

I am motivated to push myself beyond obstacles in life because I know I will be more confident in myself and my work.  Becoming a better writer means that what I learn I can apply to my stories and to publishing works that I am proud of.

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