Monday, April 30, 2012

Elton John

On Tuesday I went to see Elton John! A friend of my sister got 8 tickets so it was her, 4 of her friends, my mom, my roommate and me. My roommate and I went down to Lethbridge in the afternoon and then we went out for dinner. The concert was at 8. It was all him, no one opened up for him. He played for 2 and a half hours right on the piano. We sat on the top right so it was very good seats but the seats were close together and there was no leg space. He put on a excellent show! And then Laura and I drove home after the show. The show was over at 10:30 and we got out there and stopped at McDonalds for a drink. It was a big mistake doing the drive through. Big mistake! It took 45 min before we ordered! And even longer for our food and to eat. So we got on the road at 11:45 and got home at 2. It was a wonderful night. 

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