Wednesday, June 8, 2016

So I Just Had A Mini Stroke...

Hi Everybody,

Welcome to summer! It is a beautiful day here in Calgary, and I hope everybody is having a good start to their week. I am writing to you all to give you an update on what happened to me this past two weeks:

Two weeks ago, on a Saturday, I was getting ready to go out to a movie with my mom, sister, and my sister's kids. However, I didn't end up going because I started to feel really dizzy while waiting for my mom. It felt like the room was spinning around really fast and I felt nauseous. I moved to the floor to stabilize myself before I started to throw up, and thankfully my roommate was there. She asked me if I wanted her to call 911 and I did not want that. Stupid me! She decided to phone my mom instead and my mom insisted in calling 911. My mom entered the condo and said that she thought I was experiencing vertigo because she had had it before. The ambulance then arrived and asked about my symptoms before putting me on a gurney and taking me to the hospital.

Initially, I thought I was only going to be at the hospital for a couple of hours and that all would be okay. In reality, the hospital staff wanted to run some tests and I was booked for a CT scan to see what was really going on. Once the results were in, they told me that I had a mini stroke and that it may have been the result of numerous falls I had had over the years (in which I had hit my head). They told me that they needed to do more tests and keep an eye on me. Looks like I wasn't going home any time soon! I told my mom that if something bad happened while I was there, that I wanted her and my dad to let me go because living a life in a bed is not the life I want to live. At two in the morning, I finally got to sleep before the doctors woke me up to tell me I was being admitted and that I had to move to the tenth floor (so much for sleeping). Once I was up there they had to do another test and I was given a room with multiple patients already in it.

In the morning, I wanted to go to the bathroom but I had no energy to get myself up. The nurses asked me if I could go in a bedpan and I refused, so they went away and came back and they said they'd put me on a catheter. I was so tired and couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, and was scared that if I ate I would throw it up. I had a lot of visitors though, my parents, my sister, my roommate, some support staff, my best friend. There were many tears.

The next day, I had to do another CT scan for my head and the doctor said you have two options: Your brain could heal on its own and you would have to take a baby aspirin - or it will not heal and they would have to perform an operation. I was put on the eleventh floor to be watched, which was bigger and nicer because I had my own room with a privacy curtain that I shared with one other person (not multiple). The doctor came in on Wednesday and let me know I was doing fine and he was moving me back downstairs. They eventually wanted me to stay for one more day because they wanted me to get up on my own in my chair, but we didn't have a place for my wheelchair because I was back in the room with four other people. So on Friday morning, I went to see the physiotherapist and they said “If you can get up and out of your chair, you can go home.” I was scared because I had no idea if I could do anything since I had been in bed all week. Thankfully, I did it and I finally got home! Being in the hospital really took a toll on me so all I was able to do was lay on the couch and go to the bathroom.

 Now, I am doing fine, but I have constant headaches and still feel a little dizzy from time to time. My dream of walking right now is halted, as I was told that it's too dangerous right now. I don't know if it will be like this forever, but right now I'm sad to say that I have to focus on other goals. I also have lost a bit of independence right now, which all of you know is driving me crazy, but I have to do what I have to do until I get better. Thank you everyone for all your support and well wishes! 

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