Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Work Opportunities and Accessibility

Good afternoon everyone,

Please watch this video of Tim Rose's amazing story. Here's some background information: Tim personally experienced unemployment issues because of the lack of opportunities and informed employers for people with disabilities (he has cerebral palsy). However, Tim also had a ton of talent and work ethic to offer employers, so he decided to do something about this issue.

Personally, I found Tim's story to be very inspiring and I am so proud of him for what he has done for  people with and without disabilities. As someone who is also interested in breaking the barriers that people with disabilities face daily, I too hope that I can contribute to accessibility awareness and advancements in the workforce and the world at large. 

I have had my own personal struggles being a working woman with cerebral palsy. In 2009 I graduated with a diploma in graphic design, and have numerous experiences involving writing, blogging, developing, publishing, and advocacy. However, my success in finding the right place of work depends on many things, such as: How accessible the building itself is (e.g. getting into the building, use their computers, have access to a large washroom etc.), how willing an employer is to open their mind to hiring a person with a disability, and the social atmosphere and awareness of the employees (will they try to get to know me or keep their distance?).

There are definitely huge challenges that the workforce faces when it comes to breaking barriers for people with disabilities. For future reference, I hope that employers will consider expanding their minds to hiring different types of people and expanding their buildings to accommodate them. It would be a shame for the next Einstein, Picasso, or Steve Jobs to be denied an opportunity because there was no ramp leading up to the building! 

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