Monday, May 14, 2012

In the money!

After moving out of the group home, I was paying less each month for rent. So I had more money to buy stuff! I decided that I wanted to give something special to my mom and she gave me a hint of what she needed. So I wanted to buy an iPod for her as a Mother’s Day gift. I asked my sisters if they wanted to go in with me but they already had something for Mother’s Day. So I went and bought it for her on my own! In the past, I see my sisters buying gifts for my parents and they ask me if I want to go in with them to split the cost. I paid them how much I can but it’s hard. I felt like I couldn’t give back to my parents when they provided for me for years. It is hard to live with a disability and get AISH. But now with the increase to AISH and working, I have the money to buy more stuff for my life and things for my family!