Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wheels On

Wake up, get dressed, settle into my chair for the day.
My home away from home, extension of my body, 
part of my identity.
The thrill of it has long dissipated with the days of my youth.

People say "Take your life by the wheel", 
Well I've got six of them and it doesn't feel like I'm going anywhere.
If my chair could talk, it would tell you about all the dreams, the wild adventures, 
the boys to be kissed.
All the Pieces I've shed in it. 
All the parts of me waiting to be lived..

Waiting... waiting... WAITING...... 
For Access, for friends, for life to begin...
I've mastered patience.
Spend enough time in a wheelchair and you'll either become bitter or virtuous.

Well I AM DONE... being carried through life,
I am taking back my life - in style!
On my own two feet.
You wouldn't dare a mile,
in my shoes...

But I do! 3x a week at least.
Truth be told, I sometimes feel like a beast!
Taking on the world and going after my dreams.
Traveller, Writter, Blogger, walking's just out of reach.

Deep down I know that I will always have a disability.
Things will always be a little harder for me.
I don't need to be fixed with some kind of surgery,
I'm Shawna, I have Cerebral Palsy, and that's just fine with me!!

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