Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What if I could travel around the world to see if there's accessibility like here in Canada? ( Part 1)

             I would like to go on a cruise around the world for a year to see if other places are accessible for people with disabilities.  
            Firstly, I would like to go to Thailand because it’s something so different from where I live now. The weather is warm and the views are fantastic! I did some research about what you can see and do if you’re a tourist in Thailand. I discovered that they have a website for people with disabilities who would like to travel. On the website you can find a detailed guide about where to stay, what to do, and there are lots of accessible package holidays.
            Secondly, I would really like to see Paris, so the next destination would be France. Again, if you go online, you’ll find an easy way to plan your trip. On the Paris- Official Website of the Convention and Visitors Bureau; they offer you adapted cars or taxis to go around Paris. You may also use adapted public transport like busses, metros, tramways, etc.
            The next step would definitely be touring Africa. I think it would be great to go on an African Safari for a couple of days. If you want to try this, it’s important to know that Safari accommodations can vary. You can stay in a cabin or a bungalow-style building at the safari lodge, or you can stay in a tent at a proper camp. It's also useful to know that many camps will run a generator at least part of the time, so you’ll be able to charge batteries if you’re using a power chair or other electronic medical equipment. There are many places in Africa that are wheelchair friendly. For example, if you want to visit South African National Parks, or National Botanical Garden's, many camps and visitor destinations provide ramp access into their main facilities. There are also some units in many of the camps that have been adapted for guests with limited mobility.
            Argentina it’s another dream that I hope will come true. It is a beautiful country, but it’s not a good place to go for people with disabilities. Many provinces in the country have not adopted the laws about the accessibility for people with disabilities.
             Another place that I want to go again is Australia. I was there in 2015 on a cruise around the continent, and I had a really good time. There are a lot of places that I want to see, because I didn’t have time to see them on my first cruise. I get around with the help of my friend.
            I am going to the Caribbean Islands next year for a 21 days cruise. I will come back and I will tell you how it was. I’m sure that will be a great experience and I’ll share it with you.
You know what!? I think I will go ahead and take up this quest of seeing the world. After all, nothing is holding me back... not even my disability. 

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