Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The dream of the girl

Hello my friends,

It’s difficult finding your old self after having a min stroke. It’s hard getting back to the person that you were before and doing all the staff that you can do and you love to do before. You never thought you have to stop working for your dream; in my case, working on walking. Sometimes, I’m not sure if the doctors are right, and if I have to stop fighting for my biggest dream. Maybe, I don’t have to listen to them all the time and it’s much better just to keep working on my goals. It feels like I’m giving up on my dream to walking and I’m not the girl who give up on her dreams. I know that it sounds silly for people who can walk, but for me is like a baby taking their first step. I will keep working out because I don’t want to become a vegetable, but if they tell me that I can’t go back walking that will kill me, because I always have a dream that I’ll be the first girl who has a Cerebral Palsy, but who will be able to get out of her wheelchair and walk. So I don’t know if that is working for me, but I need to see what the doctors said. The doctors told me that they will have an answer for me in six months. The six months are almost here in two weeks, so I will see what happened.