Monday, January 5, 2015

Plans for this year


Happy New Year! I hope everybody had a good holiday. I had a good holiday with my family and this is a new year so I am doing a lot of things.
First, I am going to Hawaii for five weeks with my best friend, relaxing and having fun. Then in April, I'm going to New Zealand and going on a cruise back to Vancouver. I will see a lot of new places like Sydney, Australia and Fiji Islands. There are a couple of places where the cruise ship can't go up to the dock, so I can't get off. There will be a little boat that comes out to get the people from the cruise ship, and they'll have to climb over the side to get in. It will be difficult for me to get in the little boat, so I decided to stay on the ship. I will blog about the places I'm going to and how able I am to get around in a wheelchair.
I also thought of a new idea for my next book to write. So I have started writing it and I hope it doesn't take me fifty years to finish it. 
This year, I am working more on my writing and getting better. So stay tuned!

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