Monday, December 3, 2012

Job Search

After working at Edebit Global Corp. for two years, I’ve spent the last four months off because they didn’t have any work for me. I made the hard decision on Monday and I email my boss to tell her that I wanted her to let me go. It is not right for me to keep working at a company after being off for four month without work. I did not quit before now because I was waiting to see if my boss would give me more work. At first, my boss gave me time off because I was working for my twin sister and her hubby. And then I started send out resume to look for a new job when there was still no work at Edebit. I redid my web portfolio and then put an advertisement on Kijiji to see if I could get more freelance work doing websites. I still kept looking for a new job and I won't stop looking until I find one, but a little part of me is scared that I won't get another other job like Edebit. My co-worker at Edebit taught me like one of the team so I am scared if I get a new job the people won't teach me like a normal person not a girl who has a disability. I know in my heart I will get another job but it will take time to fine the right job for me. When I get it, I have to show people who I am and what I can do with my disability. I am Shawna Mattinson and I am aiming for a brighter future in web design!!!

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