Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wheels About Magazine

What is 'Wheels About' magazine? It's an online magazine for people who have a disability and want to share their stories. I want it to have the same features as a regular magazine but focus on people who have disabilities.

Where did you get the idea to start a magazine? I think I had the idea for a long time. I was working at a bookstore for several years but wasn't getting paid for my work. I decided to leave and do something for myself. I took a small business course and worked on the magazine for my course.

Why did you choose to make it an online magazine? It's cheaper! I don't have a lot of money and I thought this way would be cheaper than printing a paper copy. I also like that I can design it all myself and have the option to do have images in colour or black and white.

Where can I see the first issue? I have it on That was my first issue in 2004 and I haven't done many revisions since then. After my small business course I got my diploma in web design and gained a lot more experience working on web sites. I'm planning to update the layout along with the content!

Why do you want to put out another issue? I think I wanted to move forward with it even though putting an issue together takes me a long time.

Are you going to change anything from the last issue? I want to get more people involved in it.

How can people contribute or help? By sending me in a personal story or article! Tell me about yourself or what you want to write about. I'll always try to feature personal stories, articles about travel, and reviews about movies or books. I'm looking for ideas about what readers want to see.